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Barn Doors Can Make You Money!

Posted by Dan Sater II on

Barn Doors can make you money

Barn doors are more than popular, they actually add value to your home. Recently there has been a trend of using barn door hardware on interior sliding doors. But it is important to know when and where to use them and to determine if they are right for you.

There have been studies done by Zillow that show barn doors can help you sell your home faster. The study from 2016 says that having features like barn doors and subway tile can help you sell your home for as much as 13% more and up to 60 days faster.

Of course slapping those feature in your home with the singular purpose of selling your home faster isn’t going to work. But what the study shows is that the trend towards rustic, craftsman and farmhouse design is very popular today.

Barn Doors ca make you money

If the upscale look and feel of barn doors enhances your current home’s design, they can be a good investment. Beyond being a good economical investment, they can also make the living space more functional.

Barn Doors are functional as well as decorative. They are versatile and easy to install should you choose to install them yourself. All the major home improvement centers carry a variety of hardware.

Many home plans can benefit from adding barn doors to rooms such as studies and laundry rooms. Many people are using them on larger rooms allowing them to close off a portion of it when they want a more intimate setting.

However, barn doors are not for everyone. They do require room to slide out of the way and they do not offer the same level of privacy as a standard door. They are about the same as pocket doors when it comes to sound isolation, so they are not a great choice for a media room.

But if your home’s design and decor can be enhanced by adding barn doors, they are a great way to add value and interest to your home.

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