Making a Plan Your Own

by Dan Sater II July 10, 2019 1 Comment

Making a floor plan your own

Building the house of your dreams might be easier than you realize, by simply buying one of our floor plans and altering it to fit your needs. Do you have a picture in your head of exactly what your ideal home is or are you looking to grow an idea into a reality? By following our suggestions below, we can help you to build the house you have always wanted.

Start with a Seed

Brainstorm ideas - no matter how big or small. These ideas will be refined later in the process but for now - have fun with it!

Lifestyle Choices

Your lifestyle should be reflected within your living space. What would you like to see in your house that would make your life easier, exciting and enjoyable?

Make It Your Own

The flow and layout of your home are yours to design - what would work next to one another? What extras would you add to make it uniquely yours?

Family First

Create spaces with your family in mind, perhaps a split plan would work better for you and your children?

A Lot or A Little?

Lot size is a defining factor in creating your perfect home - make sure your ideas can fit inside the lot you are working with.

Spatial Awareness

Room to grow or keep it cozy? Determine the size you want and need, compare it to what you currently have and make the changes you see fit.

There are plenty of books, blogs and magazines that can provide inspiration but always design for yourself and your needs first and foremost.

Once you’ve refined your ideas, you can browse through our house plans and find the one that’s right for you. Whether you want to make small tweaks or grand alterations, we can assist you in customizing your plans to exactly what you need.

Want to heighten the ceilings for a large and spacious bedroom? Perhaps add a basement to become your own home cinema? Have you always wanted an elegant kitchen for cooking and entertaining?

Whatever you want to do - we can take those ideas and turn them into a reality. Let us do the work and create your home the way you always imagined it to be.

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Nancy Crowder
Nancy Crowder

July 17, 2019

Do you have the Seabrook in a one level plan?

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