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European Luxury Homes Book

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This European Luxury Home Plans book presents a fresh portfolio of plans drawn from the ageless character of classical Old World architecture. The styles conceived here to be classic speak softly of an American heritage, inspired over time by four regions of influence - Italian, French, English and Spanish. Scale and proportion as they are iterated in ancient dialects translate evenly to the incomparable beauty found in this collection of homes. At once rugged and refined, each of these houses displays an intimate connection with the land, forming powerful mergers between walls and what surround them. Clay-tile roofs, sun-baked stone and rough stucco are subdued by open, airy interiors and breathtaking views. Rambling, joie de vivre porches and sandals-only courtyards balance well-defined rooms and an air of formality.

Created by the Sater Design Collection, here are stunning designs that "Redefine Tradition". These homes offer flexible living environments that meet the needs of today's busy lifestyles, but reflect a European character with timeless appeal.

This incredible home plan book is published through Designs Direct Publishing, LLC. For over 13 years they have been publishing the best home plan books and magazines.